The "Pinball Modding Group" (PMG) would like to welcome you to our private, non-commercial pinball modding page !


We are a group of German hardcore pinball enthusiasts and would like to share and exchange with you our ideas, our projects and everything else what has to do with modding, so please have a look at our pages and see what we already created and will create in the future. This is your opportunity to get a deep insight into the world of modding ! :-)


Pinballs where we have our hands on are Cactus Canyon (CC), Monster Bash (MB), Medieval Madness (MM) and Tales of the Arabian Nights (TOTAN). Because it´s so much work to include all mods what we already created for all pinballs, it will still take some time till all of them have their place on our homepage. At the moment, only Cactus Canyon, Monster Bash and Medieval Madness Mods are available on our page, but the rest will follow...


The "Members Area" is usually restricted to only "Cactus Canyon Extended Edition" (CCEE) users and includes non-official information like news, videos, announcements for upcoming mods with pictures, a comment field and so on. In order to access that page, you need to have a user account, which can be created via the "Members Area" side.


If you have any requests, questions, new ideas or would like to give us some feedback, do not hesitate to send us an email !


André Banderas

Welcome Stranger !











  • Updated Members Area Section:

    • Additional information about code version 16

    • First information about code version 17

    • New TOTAN mod announced

    • New CCEE members


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Tales of the Arabian Nights - Backplastic Mod

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